Hello there stranger, awesome that you stranded on my blog! My name is Liz, a.k.a. Elisabeth, nice to meet you! I’m 24 years young, and born and blossomed in the Netherlands.

As you might have guessed; I like writing. During my studies, I’ve written for a student paper, a magazine of my student association and a paper of my university. Plus, I’ve also done an internship at the local newspaper for a month. All right, that was the formal boring part, now let’s continue to the fun part:

Since 2017 I’m the proud owner of a bachelor in Communication Sciences. In my final year, I went a semester abroad in the USA, which was like the best time of my life (OMG, I sound so American right?), and that’s also where I discovered my one true love: traveling!

So straight after I graduated, I packed my bags and hopped on a plane. For three months I’ve traveled through Asia and for one year I lived and worked in Australia on a work & holiday visa.

Now one year and three months later, I’m back in Netherlands again! But this time I won’t return to my hometown cause I exchanged it for new adventures in Amsterdam!

During my year in Australia, I’ve also found another fun hobby: stand up comedy! I started with a course, followed by some open mics and now I’m hooked. So my plan is to keep practicing it in Netherlands as well! Till hopefully one day I can make you pee in your pants from laughing.

Oh and I’m also a film geek. That’s totally on my dad, cause when I was younger, he had a video store. So yeah, I’ve watched quite a few movies in my life.

But enough about me, who are you? 😀

(besides the fact that you have a pretty good taste in blogs, of course. *wink wink*)