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Great question.

In sum: Dutch, 23 years young, just got my bachelor Communication in the pocket, etc.

So that was the formal boring part, now the good stuff: September first my trip to the other side of the worlds begins, YEAH!

Firstly, my bro and I are going on adventures in China and Japan for three weeks. Then I’ll meet my travelchick Lieke in Thailand where we will do an attempt at surfing.

Finally, me, myself, and I am going to Australia, because I scored a Work and Holiday year visa, woop woop! Except for the visa, I’ve got zero plans, so it’s gonna be an interesting journey hehe

Also, my fav food is pizza, but that’s universal I guess.

But a way greater question is: who are you? 😀

(besides the fact that you have a pretty good taste in blogs, ofc. *wink wink*)