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How to avoid boring as fuck Tinder conversations

Tinder: we’ve all been down that road before at some point in our lives. Because the swiping part is so addictive, you almost forget the main purpose of Tinder; to actually chat with your victory and score a date. And that’s where the shit hits the fan.

In my experience, most of the time guys suck in conversation openers. They ask boring questions like “how are you” while you know the answer is 9/10 times something like “I’m good”, and then what?

To avoid these kind of conversations that seem like automatic replies from a robot which eventually leads to a place like Death Valley, you have to come up with messages that give you and your match that tiny little grin on the face.

To know for sure you’ll have a fun chat, it’s up to you to take the lead, since the one in power controls the topic. Yes ladies, you too. Plus, a chick that opens a conversation scores bonus points, cause sadly most girls wait for the guy to start talking (ehm hello, old-fashioned?).

Okay, so here are some tips and tricks for a vivid chat! Also, remember that talking is the means and a kick ass date is the goal, so no worries, giant conversations are not necessary.

1. To smash the ice, send a funny GIF to create a relaxed vibe.

2. Instead of asking questions that other people already have asked a zillion times, make statements based on the info you got from their Tinder profile. Statements are a great way for flirty conversations.

For example, your match has a picture where he holds a beer in his hand. You could say: “You seem like a fun party dude to me”. Or if you’re feeling bold you’d say: “I bet you pass out from drinking two beers in a bar”.

The nice thing about statements is that the other has to respond in both cases: they accept or reject the statement. Either way, you’ll learn something about the other!

3. Try to stay away from mainstream subjects as your study or job. Is a bit mystery not sexy? You can always find out that he’s an international super model during your rendez-vous.

4. To make it easier for your match to come up with something to talk about, upload pictures on your profile that show an activity, like a hobby or a job etc.

Besides the fact that you are too good for this online world to be that considerate, you also implicitly say: “Hey look what kind of lively existence I have!” Because there is nothing more unattractive than people that don’t do SHIT in their lives, can I get an amen?

5. Having fun talking? Awesome. Time to take things to the next level: ask to hang out! Just a few back and forth messages can be enough to seal the deal. You don’t want to spill too much juice, you can do all of that once you meet each other in real life, wink wink.

What statements could your match make based on your Tinder profile?

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