Surprise surprise: this bitch started her own blog! I know right, pretty fucking cool. I’m Liz a.k.a. Elisabeth. I thought Liz sounds bad ass and it is short, so BAM: there my blogname was (partially) born.

I have to confess that the younger version of me always found bloggers narcissists. I mean if you create a website and only talk about yourself, that’s just lame. So, sorry not sorry folks, if you expected an online diary of my life.

But now that I’m grown up and shit, okay no just kidding, but let’s say more “experienced”, I believe there are more types of bloggers than the one I just mentioned. Just a random example:

The reason that I started this blog is because I like writing, yep so cheesy, but true. Also, it’s a lazy way to inform my buddies and family about my travels. I call it a win-win.

My future articles will be about things that interests me, in other words: random shit. Yep, not very specific, I could also say lifestyle, but that’s just another general term for basically every topic in the universe.

Anyhow, enjoy my shit!

Ok, BYE 😀


  1. Wow, super good looking!
    Life will gonna find you, traveling, working, having fun.
    Meeting a lot of great Guy’s .
    I will follow you!


  2. Yaaaay love it, that sounds so much like you 😂
    Can’t wait to read all about your adventures on the other side of the world!!
    Have fun buddy-roommie!


  3. I will follow you too bitch, hahaha


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